Christian hip hop artist Kevin Burgess, who is better known to his fans as 'KB,' has an inspiring message for our time. KB is out with a new album to help his fans through these turbulent times and hopes to inspire through his music.

Five Things You Need to Know: 

  1. After a tough childhood, Burgess enrolled in bible college after high school and befriended a group of Christian rappers. Together they formed a hip hop group called, HGA, short for His Glory Alone.  
  2. His new album, also called His Glory Alone, is described as an intimate experience of systemic racism, subjugation and the sense of inadequacy impressed on an entire generation.   
  3. KB has a unique perspective on what it means to be a Black father, son, and human in America. In 2020, when Black folks are fighting simply to matter, KB certainly has a message to send.
  4. KB talked about one song in particular on the album that he feels is perfect for the times. It's called "Dark Skin." KB said it's "about colorism, cause I’m thinking about how racism creates issues about inside the community where Black and brown people look at each other with a level of suspicion, or they look at themselves with a level of suspicion and begin to hate the very skin they are in. Those are the kind of things people are asking questions about looking for answers." 
  5. Burgess has released four albums, with his first three topping the U.S. Christian charts. "I know that there are encouraging things about selling a lot of records and making a lot of money and having a lot of subscribers," he said. "That is built in to the culture, but there is also the universal experience of an artist and the influencer. I cannot deny the influence I’ve seen to those who subscribe to me or those who run into folks who are in my movement."