Ukrainian born actor Mark Ivanir plays two Russian cosmonauts in different projects.

In Netflix’s hit space series Away, he stars next to two-time Academy Award winner, Hillary Swank. The story follows a dangerous mission to Mars with an international space crew.

He is also featured in two episodes of Apple TV’s For All Mankind.

Ivanir, who is 52 years-old, emigrated from the former Soviet Republic to Israel in 1972.


5 Things You Need to Know:


  1. Mark Ivanir was born in the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine, and then immigrated to Israel in 1972.
  2. After serving his time in the Israeli Army, he completed two years in a circus school, and then traveled through Europe performing on streets, and with Cirque Pawelles.
  3. In 1993, Ivanir’s first major movie role was in Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List. He also had parts in Terminal, Get Smart, and the newly released Kajillionaire. Additionally, he’s acted in several TV shows.
  4. During filming Away, Ivanir said the weightless space scenes were difficult. "We were hung on cable with harnesses. For hours, we were hanging and figuring out many different ways you move in space. That took two weeks, and during shooting we did that as well,” he said.
  5. Ivanir added that the weightless process was both "fascinating and a little painful. My thighs were numb for months after that because the blood is not going there, cause how the harness is working, but it as fascinating. It was beautiful."