HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — He loves video games, and in his latest movie actor Lee Majdoub gets to play opposite a gaming legend, Sonic the Hedgehog

“I get really irrational with video games,” admitted Majdoub as he played some vintage arcade games at the Alamo Drafthouse in DTLA. 


Majdoub plays Agent Stone, Jim Carrey’s right-hand man, in the big screen adaptation of Sonic. He says his character was originally written as the typical “straight man” to Carrey’s larger than life. Dr. Robotnik.

“Talking with Jim and Jeff [Fowler, the director], the three of us kind of started to evolve the relationship a little bit more, kind of expand on it a bit,” said Majdoub.

For Majdoub, it was a surreal experience becoming part of an iconic game world that he grew up with.

“Having been a kid that played Sonic the Hedgehog a bunch, it was multifaceted kind of emotion seeing [the finished film].”

Majdoub was born in Lebanon, but his family fled the country’s civil war in the 1980’s. He eventually settled in L.A., via Europe and Canada.

But from the outset of his career, Majdoub was diligent about avoiding being cast in roles that exploited Middle Eastern stereotypes. He wants to be seen as just a versatile performer and added, “I don't want a hand out. I just want to be treated equally. If so-and-so is getting 'this' many opportunities, then why isn't so-and-so, just because of their skin color, getting that many opportunities? I think there's still room to keep moving forward with that, for sure.”

Majdoub found working with Jim Carrey a great learning experience and calls him an incredibly collaborative and generous actor. 

“He's got this this wonderful energy about him,” said Majdoub. “He's so precise, and just his work ethic, and his genius, was amazing to watch.”

As Majdoub’s list of credits continues to grow (he can also currently be seen in the CW’s The 100) he looks forward to expanding his talents into other areas, but acting will always be closest to his heart. 

“I think I would love to direct at some point,” he said. “But I think acting will always be the main focus for me.”

Sonic the Hedgehog just set a record for the biggest weekend opening of a video game-based movie and, no doubt, Lee Majdoub will be leveling up with audiences around the world.