PASADENA, Calif. – There is help for homes in need of seismic retrofitting.

David Beilfuss bought his Pasadena house in 2012. He moved in along with his wife and two kids because they love the Brigden Ranch neighborhood.

When he bought the house he knew there would be work to do. The home needed to be stabilized so it wouldn’t totally collapse during a major earthquake.


He put off this home update for several years because of the high price.

“I have earthquake insurance, but that does me no good if the house falls off the foundation. I don’t have a place to live,” said Beilfuss.




Through social media David found out about the Earthquake Brace + Bolt program. It provides homeowners in eligible ZIP Codes with $3,000 to help pay for a seismic retrofit. That’s how he was able to afford the work on his home.

The California Earthquake Authority started this program in 2014. The program covers 355 zip codes with more than $13.2 million.

Eligible homeowners have until March 19, 2020 to apply.