LOS ANGELES — With more people ditching cash to pay with their cards or phone wallets, an increasing number of businesses are going cashless. That will be coming to an end soon as the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a ban on cashless businesses. 

In a statement, Councilwoman Heather Hutt, who introduced the motion, said “Cashless businesses create an economy in our city that is not inclusive and accessible for all people. There are many unbanked groups, including BIPOC and low-income communities, that rely on cash to pay for goods and services. As a city that has promised to be a safe and fair place for all, we must be proactive in ensuring that all our systems create fairness and equity for each and every individual.”

Residents who do not like the fees and risk of fraud from digital transactions have praised the move. However, business owners who have gone cashless say it has helped prevent theft, keep places more sanitary and improve efficiency. 

The cashless ban is not going into effect immediately as the city attorney still has to draft the ordinance to put the policy in place.