WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — For years cannabis lovers from all over the world traveled to Amsterdam to experience what it’s like to spark up a doobie in one of the city's famous cannabis cafes. But these days the Dutch pot haven may be getting some stiff competition right here in Southern California.

Welcome to Sunday weed brunch at The Artist Tree, a lounge in West Hollywood, where cannabis isn’t only allowed, it’s on the menu.

It’s all part of a joint effort by a group of cannabis operators and the city of West Hollywood to establish WeHo as America’s Amsterdam — a push that could bring in an estimated $5.5 million in added taxes.

Drag queen Flabbergast said hosting Sunday weed brunch is all about the vibe.

“When people go to a brunch and they’re drinking, they get really sloppy by the end. Here everyone is so positive and happy,” she said.