SACRAMENTO, Calif.– Since the shelter-in place order people have been stocking up on all sorts of items – toilet paper, food staples, hand sanitizer and now, marijuana. 

At the Sacramento recreational marijuana dispensary Perfect Union, sales are at an all-time high and this year, it’s not because of 4/20. Each day, over a thousand people are standing in line waiting to buy cannabis products. 

April 20th has always been a busy time for dispensaries but for David Spradlin, the CEO of Perfect Union, sales have dramatically increased since the shelter-in-place order. 


“In an almost 11-year history, we’ve had eight record breaking days in the last month,” Spradlin says. 

Selling over-the-counter weed during this pandemic is considered an essential service in California. Spradlin says they’ve been getting hundreds of customers a day who may be trying to cope during the pandemic.



With so many patrons, Spradlin and his staff are making sure everyone stays safe. At this store, there are several strict social distancing guidelines in place. Only 10 people are allowed in the shop at a time and people waiting in line outside must stand six-feet apart.

Recently, glass shields were put in place to protect customers and employees. Gloves are also worn as an additional precaution. 

“Right now, it’s all about keeping these people safe and getting them what they want in the most efficient way we can,” Spradlin said.

Spradlin says that a lot of people are using cannabis during this pandemic to deal with their anxiety, insomnia and stress relief. But if you’re not used to marijuana, it can have the reverse effect. 

“THC can cause some anxiety, so it’s really important if you’re looking for anxiety relief, then talk to trained professionals about it,” Spradlin said.  

At Perfect Union, the average size order over the last month since the crisis hit was $81.00. 

Prior to that it was $60. Spradlin says he’s just glad his industry can provide some relief during COVID-19.  

“We’re considered an essential service because people do need this kindness and care in their life,” he said. 

Perfect Union is more than just a business for Spradlin, it is a place where people can connect with each other after being stuck in their houses for so long. 

“That's why you’re seeing people come to facilities like this because they do need that comfort, they do need that care, then they go home and shelter-in-place,” Spradlin says. 

Even with high levels of demand, Spradlin and his staff are committed to providing a safe environment on this 4/20.