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Robert Santos has called Southern California home for over 20 years, and unlike most Californians, he has always been lucky with an enjoyable commute to work. This ongoing theme continued when Robert recently moved to South Bay, where he leaves home each morning for a short drive to Spectrum News 1.

Robert’s experience as a reporter, anchor and weathercaster spans two-plus decades.  He’s covered countless stories…from wildfires, earthquakes, flooding and mudslides in California, to triple-digit heat, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding in Las Vegas to blizzards, single digit temperatures and rain storm after rain storm in the Pacific Northwest.

Robert’s most memorable story is when he covered a Super Typhoon, with more than 150 mph winds, while living in Guam. Robert and his team reported for days on end before and after the storm passed in order to keep the entire island informed. For Robert, this was the experience that confirmed how important the media’s role is in our society.

Robert, a native of Guam, moved to Los Angeles to graduate from Pepperdine University then "break in" to the news business.  Years later, he was offered an opportunity to do the weather while in San Diego. His love for weather and the environment grew while enrolled in Mississippi State University's Broadcast Meteorology Program.   

It’s no surprise that this weather man spends his free time outdoors. Robert documents his personal adventures in the areas of travel, self-development, health, wellness and the environment as much as he can. Aside from that, Robert is game for just about anything that includes a good time and a good laugh.