HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. — Some people come to the beach to hang out, get their tan on, maybe catch a couple of waves.

Spectrum News 1 headed to the South Bay, where the sounds of volleyballs fill the air any time of the year.

“The community here is just fantastic,” said local beach volleyball player Judy Shin. “You meet such a wide range of people. There’s all skill levels here.”

From beginners to professional players, Shin says you’ll find them all in Hermosa Beach, which has been the go-to place to see the best of the best of beach volleyball for a long time.

The first beach volleyball tournament in Hermosa Beach dates back to 1970. From 1984 to 2010, Hermosa Beach was a cornerstone event in the Association of Volleyball Professionals tournament schedule.

Tournament local Holly McPeak has played and won many times, having snagged the bronze in Athens in 2004. But the South Bay is where she grew up and trained.

“Hermosa Beach and beach volleyball are synonymous,” said McPeak.

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