LOS ANGELES, CA – For the past 40 years, Ralph Lawler can be seen before game time, prepping for his next Clippers broadcast.

  • Sportscaster Ralph Lawler retiring
  • 60 years in broadcasting, and 40 years with the Clippers
  • Named California Sportscaster of the Year

As this NBA season goes on every game is a countdown down to his last.

 “I never dreamed it would last 40 years, but it’s been a very very fortunate ride, I’m a lucky lucky man,” said Lawler.

Lawler’s was proven this year as his peers voted him the 2018 California Sportscaster of the Year, an award given by the National Sports Media Association. He will now join a list that includes two other LA legends, Vin Scully and Chick Hearn.

“It’s a real treat, especially when you realize it’s your fellow sportscasters said okay, it’s time to honor this guy,” said Lawler.

He is one of the NBA’s longest-tenured broadcasters, joining the Clippers in 1978 when they were in San Diego, and moving with the team to LA. Lawler is also one of few announcers who has called games in each of the four major U.S. Sports Leagues.

With years full of memories, he says the highlight doesn’t take place on the court, it’s spending this experience with his wife Jo.

“The best part for me, is my wife has been part of this. She travels with me to every game, she’s a huge fan, she was a season ticket holder when I first met her,” said Lawler.

Together the pair agreed that this basketball season would be his last. He is 80 years old, has spent 60 years in broadcasting, and 40 years with the Clippers. The numbers seemed right, and together they thought now is the time to retire.

So in preparation for his life after basketball, Lawler promises he will enjoy every game and work just as hard as he has throughout the years for the fans.

“And they have been such a great loyal group for all these years I really feel an obligation to do my absolute best for them,” said Lawler. “Me oh my it’s been quite a ride.”