Unplug Meditation

One location is literally called Unplug, where you are required to surrender your cellphone when entering. Once inside, they conduct a variety of classes which relax, recharge and inspire.

But what if you can't always break away from your phone?

Here are some tips and tricks to managing the usage of your smart device to help you unplug more throughout the day:

Shortcuts Automation App

The Shortcuts Automation App forces you to take a deep breath whenever you open one of your social media apps. This makes you really ask yourself, do you really need to go to that app or website right now? And if you do, take a deep breath before doing it!

Screen Time

Screen Time is another built-in app for the iPhone that will monitor your usage and even create time usage limits for apps. Android users also have a similar screen-time built-in app.


Go into your notifications settings, within your preferences, and choose which apps you need constant notifications. Do you really need an alert every time you get a tweet?

Ted Talks

There are even TED Talks on how you can outsmart your tech device to make it less distracting, such as reconfiguring your phone to have a blank home screen.

Unplug Collaborative

You can also join the Unplug Collaborative group that has a Global Day of Unplugging, and more events about how to collectively enjoy more time while being disconnected from our devices.

Return to Vintage Technology

Even take it a step further, and go back-in-time to a day where there were flip phones. These are now called "dumb phones," which can only allow you to do basic talking and texting. Research shows that 1990-2000s era phones have increased 140% in popularity, especially among Gen-Z.

Breathing Techniques

When you are feeling stressed, the most simple fix is to breathe! Take multiple deep breaths wherever you are to help yourself relax.

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