LOS ANGELES — For many, fresh lobster cooked in butter sauce is the epitome of decadence, a dish fit for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Chef Victor Vasconcellos of Caboco is excited to serve an elegant twist to a classic Brazilian cuscuz recipe.

“It’s made with corn flour, garlic, onion, beef or chicken stock, and over here at Caboco we are presenting a different version,” Vasconcellos said.

Caboco only opened in September and the team wanted to ring in the new year with their new city. Vasconcellos has cooked around the world, but this is his first time working in Los Angeles. He’s helping top Brazilian chef Rodrigo Oliveira open the space in a city they say is full of diversity.

“But we are not just another steakhouse, as most people know about Brazilian cuisine. It’s one of our most popular concepts, all-you-can-eat meat. We are a little different. We are trying to present expressions of Brazil from north to south,” Vasconcellos said.

They do this by using traditional Brazilian ingredients like yuca. You’ll find it in everything, including as a side for salmon or even boiled down into a sauce.

“Yuca for us, it’s like potatoes for Peruvians or corn for Mexicans. It’s everywhere,” Vasconcellos said.

Small touches like these that honor their country are seen in every dish at Caboco, literally

The "green and yellow color on the plate like the Brazilian flag,” Vasconcellos said.

The dadinho de tapioca, a fried specialty, is another top seller.

“Tapioca, cheese, milk, salt, pepper and love,” Vasconcellos explained.

You will be able to find all these items on their special New Year’s Eve menu. They hope to welcome their new community to their home.

“And we want to celebrate, not just with our families in the Christmas and the New Year’s, and also with the city, with Los Angeles, with our new customers that are starting to be part our family as well,” Vasconcellos said.

The best way to come together is through food, especially with an exclusive duck breast that's on the menu for New Year's Eve. 

“It’s a special dish from the north of Brazil. It's one of the most popular dishes in Para, one of the states in the north,” Vasconcellos added.

He hopes customers will come in with an open mind, heart and stomach to try Caboco's unique spin on Brazilian classics.

“New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve are very special in Brazil. It’s when the family celebrates together,” Vasconcellos said.

The NYE eight-course dinner includes holiday punch and a glass of Blanc Le Blanc for $85 per person.

Caboco is located at 1850 Industrial St. Los Angeles, CA

Reservations for the special dinner can be found here.