CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Chatsworth restaurant Les Sisters blends multiple comfort cuisines all in one spot. Current owner Jessica Huling carries on the legacy of her grandma and the two other original owners.

“They each came from different areas of the country and they had their own recipes and styles. When all three of them came together, they brought the three regions of them together, and luckily, we are here today continuing that tradition,” said Huling.

What You Need To Know

  • Les Sisters blends Southern, Cajun, and Creole food

  • The restaurant has been family owned since 1986

  • Their signature dishes are the smothered fried chicken, jambalaya, and fried chicken sandwhich 

  • Les Sisters is located at 21818 Devonshire St. in Chatsworth and is open for pickup and delivery

The granddaughter continues the tradition of combining the tastes of Southern, Cajun, and Creole, as she took control of the restaurant, keeping it in the family since 1986. The smoked, spicy, and soulful recipes barely changed over their long history.

“It’s the sense of pride that comes with working with sweat and tears and bringing stuff to the community,” said Huling.

From their muddy water drink that is iced tea and lemonade to the smothered fried chicken: you’ll see the Southern side come through. But then you’ll dig into the jambalaya, bringing the spices and flair of New Orleans with sausage, chicken, and spices all combined with yellow rice.

“Expect a lot of flavor and a little bit on the spice. Expect a world of different flavors from a world of different regions, but only how we do it, the way we do it best,” said Huling.

And what Huling thinks they do best is the fried chicken sandwich with fresh battered chicken that is smothered in house-made coleslaw on a toasted bun. Even though they are forced to only serve through take-out and delivery during the pandemic, Huling is grateful for her faithful customers.

“Small business wins. Family wins. Loyalty wins. It lets me know that we are doing a good job. It gives me confirmation to continue and that we aren’t doing this for nothing,” said Huling.

Try different flavors of the country all in one restaurant at Les Sisters, located at 21818 Devonshire St. Chatsworth, CA for pickup and delivery only.