LOS ANGELES (CNS) — Seeking to address concerns over an increase in chartered flights at Van Nuys Airport, the City Council voted Friday to seek an analysis of the regulations of charter operations at the airport.

The Van Nuys Airport has seen an increase of “chartering by the seat,” where passengers pay to reserve a single seat aboard a chartered flight rather than flying commercial, according to a motion filed by former Council President Nury Martinez. Martinez represented Van Nuys until she resigned from her role in the City Hall racism scandal.

“This practice, while approved under the Part 380 regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, has raised concerns regarding increased operations and associated impacts to the surrounding community,” the motion states.

The airport has also been used by celebrities — including Kylie Jenner and Mark Wahlberg — to take short flights in their private planes, raising environmental concerns, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

The council sought for Los Angeles World Airports, which oversees the airport, and the City Attorney’s office to report back on how the city could address the increase of scheduled charter flights from the airport.

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