LOS ANGELES (CNS) — A poll conducted by UC Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies found Rep. Karen Bass to have an early lead for this year's Los Angeles mayoral election.

The poll, which was sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, was conducted from Feb. 3-10 and included 2,136 registered voters in Los Angeles. It was conducted in English and Spanish, and 1,446 of the participants indicated they were likely to vote in the June 7 primary, according to The Times.

Bass, D-Los Angeles, was the first-choice candidate for 25% of registered voters and 32% of likely voters, with Councilman Kevin de León coming in second, with 8% of both registered voters and likely voters saying he was their first choice.

Real estate developer Rick Caruso was the first choice for 7% of registered voters and 8% of likely voters, and Councilman Joe Buscaino and City Attorney Mike Feuer were both first choices for 4% of registered voters and 4% of likely voters. Real estate broker Mel Wilson and businessman Ramit Varma each polled at 1% for likely voters and registered voters.

Bass was also viewed favorably by the highest percentage of registered voters and likely voters, with 32% of registered voters saying their opinion of her is favorable and 42% of likely voters saying their opinion of her is favorable.

Feuer received the second highest favorability rating from likely voters, with 21% saying they view him as favorable, followed by de León with 20% of likely voters viewing him as favorable.