CALIFORNIA – Southern California voters weighed in on the Democratic presidential primary and a host of local issues on this Super Tuesday.

California was one of the 14 states participating in Super Tuesday, the biggest day on the calendar in the Democratic primary race. California is arguably the day's biggest prize with 415 of the total 1,357 delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday belonging to the Golden State.

8:05 p.m. — Just after the polls closed in California, Bernie Sanders was announced the projected winner of the California primary by The Associated Press.

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After a South Carolina primary that saw a surge from Joe Biden and several high-profile candidates bowing out, the other Democratic candidates on the ballot for president in the California primary were Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg, and Tulsi Gabbard.  

6:52 p.m. — It's just over an hour until the polls close in California, but LA County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan has tweeted that vote centers will remain open for voters who arrive before 8 p.m.


6:00 p.m. — We've seen social media posts from SoCal voters describing long lines and wait times of an hour or more. What was your voting experience like today?

5:00 p.m. — Vice President Joe Biden received a raucous reception at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles, fresh on the heels of the news that he'd claimed victory in the Virginia Primary. Biden was accompanied by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who is the national co-chair of his presidential campaign. 

4:05 p.m. — Voters on social media are reporting long lines and wait times of an hour or more at some voting centers. 

2:45 p.m. — In SoCal, voters across L.A. County will be using new voting machines for the first time and new vote centers that replace traditional polling places. What was the voting experience like for you today? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #sharesocal.


12:15 p.m. – "This is the most important election of your life," said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Garcetti joined voters in casting his ballot on Super Tuesday. He reminds locals that this election is about more than the presidential race as voters will select the next city council members and judges, as well as determine the outcome for several ballot measures.

11:04 a.m. – Supporters of Rep. Katie Porter have spent months canvassing their neighborhoods in an effort to keep Orange County blue. Porter’s 2018 victory was a major step in turning the predominately Republican County blue with more Democratic supporters.

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8:11 a.m. – Anchor Amrit Singh shows voters behind the scenes at a voting center in Southern California. Centers across the state are busy with a high volume of mail-in ballots.

Polling centers will be open through 8 p.m. Tuesday night. You can find an L.A. County Vote Center here.


7:45 a.m. – Spectrum News 1 Washington political correspondent Em Nguyen is stationed outside of the polling location in Burlington, Vermont where Bernie Sanders voted. The senator joked that at least there would be two votes for his name in Vermont.


SoCal in 17 podcast host Alex Cohen and producer Esther Lee trekked over to Bel Air to cast their ballots and test out L.A.'s brand-new voting system.

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On California Primary day Loyola Marymount University students will be overseeing 200-plus students who will gather exit polling data at voting centers on Super Tuesday. The program gives students an opportunity for hands-on field research and to be a part of history.

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Although the nominating conventions are still months away, the candidates who come out on top on March 3 will have a meaningful head start. 


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“My name is Tom Parsekian and I’m running in seat number 150 for Los Angeles County Superior Court,” said Complex Litigation attorney Tom Parsekian.

In the California primary election on Super Tuesday, 23 candidates are vying for nine contested offices at the L.A. County Superior Court. All offices are open seats.