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Native Californian Vicky Nguyen is a 2018 Golden Mike Award winner with a passion for telling stories that create positive change in her community. Vicky’s cutting edge reporting helped over 20 families in Santa Barbara avoid eviction during the holidays. Her story put a spotlight on a mom of two who just had brain surgery. As soon as the housing company got wind of Vicky’s coverage, the eviction notices were rescinded to all residents.

Before working for Spectrum News 1, Vicky worked at KEYT News Channel 3 (ABC) in Santa Barbara as a multimedia journalist and night side reporter for two years. Before that, she was a crime reporter for KFYR-TV (NBC) in Bismarck, North Dakota, hosted her own bilingual TV show for Saigon TV and reported for Garden Grove TV.

Vicky is a true lover of everything Orange County -- the diversity, the beaches, and of course, the food! When you can get quality Vietnamese food for lunch and then just as easily get Cuban for dinner, what’s not to love? In Vicky’s free time, you can find her with her family and their corgi pup, planning their next getaway.