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Mary Parks has called Southern California home for the past 25 years. A seasoned journalist, Mary is as versatile a reporter as they come. Over the course of her career, she has covered the OJ Simpson case, the LA riots, and more breaking news stories than you can count. Mary is also the creator and host of the weekly series “American Spirit.” These stories are seen across PBS, The California Channel and on Voice of America television in 41 languages and 100 countries. Her accomplishments don’t end there! Mary has been recognized for her work by Barack Obama and is a proud Emmy Award winner.

Throughout all of the stories Mary has covered, her coverage detailing the Waves of Valor volunteer event, which helps brain injured veterans experience surfing for the first time, remains her most meaningful. The event brings the entire SoCal community together to offer veterans a life long support system and the experience of a lifetime. For Mary, this act of community, strength, and caring is something that continues to inspire her every day.

When not in the newsroom, you can find Mary taking a trip to the desert to soak in the views or stopping by her favorite food truck, “It’s All About the Cheese.”