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A SoCal soul, Loureen Ayyoub grew up in Orange County and now calls Los Angeles home. Her love for the City of Angels runs so deep that it’s even embedded in her name, with L.A. as her original initials!

A Professor of Sociology and Immigration, Loureen has an extensive background in humanitarian relief, and she knows the importance of experiencing the true pulse and heartbeat of a community. Loureen’s passions for humanitarian work and journalism collided when she traveled overseas for global relief work, gathering stories at refugee camps throughout the Middle East and sharing their stories with the rest of the world. As a reporter for Spectrum News 1, Loureen feels honored every day to get to be the voice of Angelenos and the overall SoCal community. Though her interviews may start off as a chat with a stranger, by the end of it Loureen always feels like she’s gained a new member of her L.A. family.

When Loureen’s not on the job, you can find her playing basketball (she’s a big Lakers fan!), enjoying a poetry lounge, or grabbing a bite at Leo’s Tacos on Venice and La Brea.