STUDIO CITY, Calif. – Christopher Nieves was right in the middle of shampooing his client's hair when he got the news that hair salons in Los Angeles County were being ordered to close their doors . . . again.

He was not surprised.

“I mean the numbers just keep going up and up and it’s just disappointing,” said Nieves.


What You Need To Know

  • Hair salons again ordered to close under latest round of mandated closures

  • LA County is one of 30 on state watch list being hit with broader closures

  • Many salons were just getting back on their feet after initial shutdown in the spring



He had just started working again on June 12 after being home for two and a half months. He’s been struggling to make ends meet with unemployment and says “It’s been a rough road, just to have to worry about my livelihood and paying my rent and paying all of my bills. Living in California is expensive so yeah, not to have work is rough.”

Los Angeles County is among 30 counties on the state's monitoring list which were ordered to implement a broader shut down that includes hair salons along with gyms and other businesses.

Ozlem Dalgic is the owner of the Social Parlour Salon and is worried about how they’ll be able to stay in business without being open.

“It’s a stress for everybody, but especially small business owners that have to shut down again. Most of us have already gotten our government loans, we don’t know what rent is going to look like in the next months, we’re not sure what it’s going to look like for people that work at the salon,” said Dalgic.




She says it’s especially frustrating because her salon has taken every precaution.

Nieves feels the state opened up too early and too quickly which is why we’re back in this situation.

“I’m upset about how this was handled, you know being on lockdown two and a half months and within weeks to have bars, restaurants, everything reopened after being on lockdown for so long," he said. "It’s hard for me to wrap by head around.”

He’s hoping this time lawmakers will be more careful about reopening the state for business.