REDLANDS, Calif. – As businesses reopen, changes are being made to protect people from the coronavirus. For the first time, some car washes in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties are adding an interior sanitizing treatment that kills viruses including the coronavirus. 

Tom McClellan has a membership to Bliss Car Wash in Redlands and before the pandemic, he would come nearly every other day. He was one of the first to get the new treatment. 

What You Need To Know

  • As car washes reopen, some are introducing new sanitization treatment

  • Sanitizing treatment kills viruses, including coronavirus

  • Using hospital-grade sanitizer, treatment takes about a minute

  • Service is available at several SoCal car washes

“I just found out about it today, so I am going to be bringing all six of my cars down here and have them all sanitized,” he said.  

Rodney Brown with Bliss Car Wash says they are glad to be back open after being shut down for nearly two months. Safety for both customers and staff is the priority. Any car coming through could have the coronavirus lingering inside. 

“We just have to be careful and we have to be safe and that is what this process is all about,” Brown said.

After a car has gone through the automatic wash, the driver and passengers step out of the vehicle at the sanitizing station and it’s filled with the a germicidal cleaner that kills bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. 

"It is a hospital grade disinfectant," Brown said. "We have a fogger machine and we fog up the vehicle, close the vehicle for about a minute.”

The fog completely disinfects the entire interior of the vehicle. Bliss Car Wash has also implemented other new COVID-19 safety measures. 

“We have the gloves, we have the masks, and the different types of PPE,” Brown said.

As a dad, McClellan knows his family could be exposed just going about their everyday lives so he’ll take every opportunity to protect them. 



“I have three daughters so it definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that they will be safe in their cars,” he said. 

For some car washes reopening after the coronavirus shutdown, cleaning is no longer just about getting rid of dirt and grime. A clean car now means potentially eliminating a danger that’s unseen. 

The new interior sanitizing treatment is now offered at seven sister car washes across Southern California including: 

  • Las Posas Car Wash
  • Agoura Hills Hand Car Wash
  • Alicia Auto Spa & Detail Center
  • Laguna Hills Auto Spa and Detail Center
  • Coast Hand Car Wash
  • Redlands Car Wash
  • Lavaggio The Art of Auto Detailing