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From the Bay Area to Southern California, Leah Freeman has called the West Coast home for most of her life. After graduating from Chapman University in Southern California, Leah packed her bags, grabbed her cowboy boots, and moved to Lubbock, Texas. While working there, she experienced and covered all types of weather, ranging from severe thunderstorms to tornadoes to haboobs (dust storms). She even reported on the third biggest snowstorm in Lubbock history while providing around-the-clock coverage at the station for four consecutive days. After eating the best beef and queso that Texas had to offer, she decided it was time to return home, where she ended up doing weather on weekday evenings in Bakersfield.

Everything has come full circle now that Leah is back in Southern California. She is ecstatic about working in the weather department at Spectrum News 1. It's an exciting and creative atmosphere where the team builds and tells the weather story using augmented reality and 3D graphics.

Outside of work, you can find Leah trying all kinds of food spots around town, taking pictures, or traveling with friends and family.