COMPTON, Calif. – A classroom is packed with students of all ages who are eager to learn. More tables had to be added to fit everyone.

On those tables you will find different electrical equipment: wires, bread boxes, and resistors. One student, Joshua Catalan, has his eye on the prize. He wants to be a computer engineer and knew he had to take advantage of this week of free classes during Compton Tech Week.

“The fact that it’s free is great too," says Catalan.

Hacker Fund, a non-profit organization, along with ITouchUp, partnered to offer various technology workshops to anyone who wanted to come. Students can learn gaming design, computer programming, coding, and more. Something Catalan, a high school graduate, thought would help him before he goes to college.

“I hope this gives me support in what I want to do to better myself," says Catalan,

He feels Compton doesn’t always have the best resources and it is time something like this is offered to his community.

“This opportunity of just coming to learn from professionals and from people who know what they are doing, it’s a very unique opportunity for our community right," says Catalan.

Justin Brezhnev from Hacker Fund feels the same way. As he sets up another classroom, in his signature cat onesie, he shares that this is just a taste of what is to come, with a full innovation center scheduled to open this fall.

“I’ve never seen a city so excited about bringing technology into the space,” says Brezhnev.

Catalan is excited to see these opportunities offered in Compton. He hopes everyone takes advantage of the learning and growth opportunities.

“We have to make sure everything we do is to empower ourselves and empower the community as well. It’s a very big opportunity we can use so we can better ourselves,” said Catalan.

This is only the beginning for the tech industry in Compton.

Compton Tech Week continues Thursday, August 15 and Friday, August 16 at 9 a.m. at the Douglas Dollarhide Community Center at 301 North Tamarind Avenue. Compton, CA 90220.