LOS ANGELES - It’s a dream come true for Robert Montano.

As one of the selected participants at this year’s Grammy Camp, put on by the Grammy Museum, he gets to learn from music industry professionals, network with like-minded creatives, and most importantly, fully express his passion for music.

“I believe music is a way of expressing your emotions, and your life story,” Montano said.

He's one of 90 young participants joining the camp this year. Through the program he receives feedback from music industry veterans..

“Personally, I love to get criticism and comments. I love to get feedback on whether I should be doing something differently, or just some encouragement,” Montano explained.

Grammy Camp has been offered for 15 years now. It's organized by the Grammy Museums’s Executive Education Director, David Sears.

“What we want these young people to understand, is that most of them have a goal to have a career in music, but we want them to concentrate on developing a plan so that they can attain that goal,” Sears explained.

Participants perform covers and original music, in addition to learning about the ins and outs of show biz.

“It’s also going to teach you about the real world and what you should expect in the music business. They do it in such a way, in that you are going to walk out of here feeling like you learned so much about the industry,” Montano said.

The more Montano understands the business side, he says, the more he is able to focus on his own creative voice.