NORWALK, Calif. – Los Angeles County will soon roll out a new system for voting.

Registrar-Recorder and County Clerk for LA County Dean Logan has had a long career in elections administration. With headlines about Russian interference and data breaches his job has become very stressful.

“I think certainly the elections process has more scrutiny. I’ve been doing this for close to 30 years and the fact that we’re still talking about the last election every day in the news is an indication of how far the spotlight has been shone on this process,” said Logan.

The new ballot marking device uses a touchscreen. Voters can choose from 13 languages and enlarge the font size.

One of the benefits of the new system is that voters won’t have to go to one assigned polling place. Any voter can go to any voting center over an 11-day period.

If all goes well the new units will roll out in time for March 2020, the Presidential Primary.

“We’re very excited about this. We’ve spent a decade working on this, talking to voters, really focusing on that user experience,” said Logan.

The new machinery must be certified by the California Secretary of State. Logan says that will likely happen in December 2019.