RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, regardless of age, but it is especially important for children and adults with special needs.

According to the CDC, people with disabilities are at a greater risk for being overweight or dealing with obesity. A school physical education program or a sports team may be the only place for kids with special needs to have access to physical activity and exercise.

Those who visit the Inland Empire, might get the chance to join a pretty unique fitness class — the only one of its kind in the region. The class is aimed at promoting fitness and healthy living for children with disabilities.

“It’s a field, a niche, [and] a population of people that hasn’t been touched on in fitness," said trainer Dion Hudson, who founded the program. "A lot of these exercises are things the kids think they might not be able to do, but I want to show them that they can.”

Hudson had previously worked on a program called the "Forty, Fifty Fit Club," which caters to those looking to get back on track with their fitness goals. His "Fit, Fast Power Squad" was created with the same idea, using a niche program to help expose kids to exercises that can help with their mobility and agility. The results are evident.

"It’s worked with his posture and his balance and more socially to do different things and to move around," said Sandia Cano, whose son Aidan is involved in the weekly class. “To have a place where Aiden can come to work out is great because he is included, he is just one of the regular people that comes and works out."

As Aidan will tell you, the gym has become a safe space, a place for him to come in and build his strength, while building community.

"This is the best place I ever had," Aidan said with a smile. "I learn about being strong, staying healthy for me and my body."

For more information on the Fit, Fast Power Squad, along with Hudson's other programs, click here.