RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- As a child, art was his passion. Sketching at age 10, painting in college, Gregory Adamson had a natural creative streak. 

But his love of art was put on hold for practical reasons.

"Growing up in the Midwest on a farm, it was pretty hard to tell your dad, 'Hey, I want to be an artist,'" Adamson said. 

By the time he hit 40, Adamson had a six-figure income, cars, homes, vacations, but wasn’t satisfied.

He ditched the suit-and-tie to return to his first love, art. After working hard…studying artists he admired… Adamson’s efforts paid off.

His creative journey has taken him from coast to coast and abroad. He’s painted for members of Congress, celebrities, major record labels and was commissioned to create a painting honoring Chinese athletes during the 2012 Olympics.

His style is unique, he paints to music with his bare hands and brushes. Creating large-scale art in just minutes, in a style he calls "Facing the Music." 

It was a performance-painting of John Lennon that brought in the most money, all of it going to charity.

Through his “Facing the Music” performances, he’s been able to raise more than a million dollars to help others.

But in 2017, he wasn’t just facing the music, he was facing cancer. The illness sidelined him until recently. His path as a banker, artist, and now cancer survivor led to the creation of Blue-Collar-Artists, an online community of free webinars, vlogs and learning.

Proving it’s never to late to fulfill your dream.