Scooping out portions of peas might seem like a small duty, but it’s one Spencer Trinwith doesn’t take lightly.  

“This I my forte, which is assembly, I mean all the roles are important, but we’re kind of the hotshots,” he joked.  “Here at Project Angel Food we are serving food for people who are affected by serious and critical illness." 

Jokes aside, and joke he often does, Trinwith appreciates all the food scooping here because there was a time when he couldn’t do any of this. 

“I had a freakishly accelerated degenerative disk disease, that never gets easy to say, at my lower back. That left me disabled, couldn’t walk, sit, or stand,” he said. 

It was career-halting and life-changing all at once.  

Comedy has been in Trinwith’s blood since he was a child, whether it was dreaming of performing at places like the Laugh Factory, or entertaining his six sisters.

“It’s important to be the peacekeeper being the only boy in the family, so I feel like I grew up using comedy as a diffuser keeping all the camps in check,” he said. 

He even used comedy in his first official acting role: Peter Rabbit in a kindergarten production. 

“I couldn’t stop smiling, so they were like, 'why are you smiling?' I don’t think they got the whole axe murderer thing, because he was chasing the rabbits and trying to get them off his farm,” he said. 

His professional first break came in 2010 with Law and Order SVU.

“It’s an actor’s rite of passage,” he said. 

After not being able to act for a while due to his condition, he got a clean bill of health two years ago and, two weeks later, what would prove to be the audition of a lifetime. 

“I had no idea what I was auditioning for,” he said. 

Well what a surprise that was. Trinwith is set to co-star in the Wonder Woman sequel, due out next summer. 

“So much time had gone by and then, it’s like it’s this huge blockbuster movie that’s all!” he said. 

Not only did he land a role of a lifetime, he was grateful to have his life back. After years of debilitating pain and barely being able to move let alone walk, he’s now able to give back. 

“It compels me to help people because I know what that’s like you know?” he said. 

And once this movie comes out, his life will likely change again.

“It was so cool to be living your dream in the sense of a dream of mine is to work on productions of that magnitude,” he said. 

He still has to pinch himself.

He has his health, and a potentially life-changing summer in 2020 up ahead. It all makes him grateful, grateful for the little things, like plating peas, or the big things, like starring alongside superheros in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster.