PASADENA, Calif. — Book lovers had a chance to hold a signed copy of Dracula from 1897, a Harry Potter book with a handwritten note from JK Rowling to her babysitter, and a 17th century edition of Shakespeare’s plays at Rare Books LA in Pasadena.

Book sellers get together at the Pasadena Convention Center once a year to buy and sell old books and art.

Amid the stacks of autographed copies and first editions, dealer Pom Harrington of Peter Harrington books rummaged for rare finds to bring home to London. 

“We’ve seen a real resurgence of interest in collectible books, particularly in the millennial generation,” Harrington said.

The second-generation collector said the popularity of Harry Potter is fueling the trend, with relatively inexpensive first edition copies on the market that are likely to increase in value over the years.