CALIFORNIA – January kicks off as the foggiest month of the year posing a problem for morning commuters.

On Thursday, a dense fog advisory was in effect throughout southern Sacramento, San Joaquin, Santa Ynez, and Delta valleys.  The fog advisory lasted until 11 a.m.

The National Weather Service predicts serious storms expected to hit next week.

The California Department of Transportation has tips for drivers after nearly 10 days of fog.

Fog driving tips:

  • Reduce speeds
  • Driver with low beams
  • Lower your window to listen to traffic in foggy intersections
  • Use “fog line” on right shoulder as a guide
  • Never stop on the freeway
  • Avoid stopping on highway shoulders

For highway drivers, a three-two-one dot county down indicated an exit ahead. Reflective markers are posted along the right shoulder 2,100 feet before an exit, then at 1,400 feet, and at 700 feet.