Parents and kids gathering at the library for storytime is nothing new, but a drag queen leading the event is a new story.

The Eagle Rock branch is the first of the Los Angeles Public Library’s 72 branches to offer Drag Queen Story Hour since March 2018.

Drag Queen Story Hour is a global event during which drag queens read social justice books about diversity and gender fluidity to children. 

Pickle is the queen of story time in Eagle Rock. She didn't expect her full-time job of performing drag would include kids, but now says it makes sense.

“A lot of the core values of being a drag queen like love and acceptance and joy and laughter are values that you want to teach your kids,” said Pickle. “So it makes a lot of sense as a storytelling tool for kids because they are so receptive to it.”

Parents have complained at other libraries that the story hour is inappropriate for children, but parents who attend in Eagle Rock appreciate the lessons their children are learning.

“I want my daughter to love her brown skin, to love her curly hair and accept people who are different from her,” said parent Brittany Talbert.

The Eagle Rock library branch hosted three Drag Queen Story Hours in 2018 and plans to announce their 2019 dates soon.