West Covina little leaguers are back playing ball at Del Norte Park after complaining about dangerous and dirty conditions at the park.

The city of West Covina has repaired gates, taken down walls and temporarily removed benches after players, parents and coaches said homeless people were taking over the field.

“It’s a good day today, it is. When I see the park looking like this right now and I see we’ve made a little bit of a difference here,” said West Covina Mayor Lloyd Johnson.

West Covina National Little League president Adam Holmes has been monitoring the improvements.

“I think it was a very quick response from the city. I’m very happy and pleased with them.”

The homeless have had to find shelter at other areas of the park. More than 275 people in the city don’t have a home.

“They can do a better job helping the homeless,” said Robert Romo, a military veteran who lives at the park.

 Mayor Johnson acknowledges the changes to the park don’t address the need for more affordable housing. He says mental health services are also needed.