What's going on under the ground at SpaceX headquarters? With SpaceX founder Elon Musk involved, you know that it will be anything but boring.

On Tuesday evening, Musk's Boring Company finally unveiled its underground test tunnel, which Musk hopes will be a panacea for traffic woes in Los Angeles. People came from far and wide to be at the event, including Jody Emery who drove in all the way from Utah.

“I just drove down here because I wanted to see the watchtower and see the opening of the Boring tunnel,” said Emery. “I unfortunately got here and realized it was an invitation-only event, but I'm here with my coconuts!”

The watchtower which looms over the site, and the coconuts, are an homage to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but its more than just whimsy. The bricks used to make the tower were created from the soil that was unearthed during the tunneling process, another spin off industry of Musk's.

“I work driving in L.A.,” said Ryan Emery, Jody’s brother. “So, yeah, when there's traffic and it takes two hours to get ten miles... If I could get in and see the tunnel or the machinery and stuff, that'd be awesome.”

Although the unveiling was invite-only, many came to the event hoping to catch a glimpse of the tunnel, or even of Musk himself.

“I'm here because I'm a huge fan of disruptive technology and Elon Musk,” said Brent Hatcher. “His goal is to make the future exciting. It worked on me because I was getting pretty discouraged. If they don't let me in tonight, I'm fine with that because I know that's where the action is. I just got to be close to the action.”

Another visitor came all the way from Sweden.

“He is changing the world,” said Thor Bjorn, who had an invitation to the event. “So, we're going to be a part of that today. Very exciting.”

Youtuber Zac of Now You Know, who also was invited to the event said, “If he can pull this off, just think about that, folks. No traffic!”

As the sun went down, the guest line grew as did the anticipation, and for those who couldn't get in, the event was live streamed online. And for some, just being close to the action was more than enough.