A majority of Californians say affordable housing is an issue in their neighborhood. A recent PPIC Statewide Survey titled Californians and Their Government found that 64% of adults said it was a big issue, with 71% agreeing in Los Angeles.

Affordable housing in Los Angeles currently costs about $600,000 per unit, but can reach as high as $837,000, according to a report released earlier this year by the L.A. controller. 

Rep. Maxine Waters told “Inside the Issues” host Alex Cohen the high costs of living in Los Angeles are a response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the supply chain issues at our ports. 

What You Need To Know

  • PPIC Statewide Survey: 64% of adults in CA say affordable housing is a big issue in their neighborhood

  • Sen. Waters says effects of COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues at the ports are affecting affordable housing

  • Building relationships with community banks could help with the housing crisis

  • People who need affordable housing may need to consider moving outside of Central L.A.

The backlog at the ports has affected how much affordable housing we can build because materials needed for construction are stuck on ships. But, Rep. Waters explains the issue of affordable housing is much more complicated.

Rep. Waters says developers are being burdened by extra costs that the city can help reduce, like removing a fire hydrant to another location. The congresswoman says she wants to eliminate these obstacles so more affordable housing can be built. But, that’s not the only step that can be taken to help increase housing.

Rep. Waters says she also wants to build better relationships with community banks. Community banks allow for the city to better understand people in need that use these banks as a financial resource.

Community banks help first-time home buyers get loans, many of whom are taking out a substantial loan for the first time.

Congresswoman Waters says we need to “re-envision affordable housing” and that might mean placing people who need housing outside of central Los Angeles. “This is about making sure that your families have a decent place to live.” She says this change may be difficult, but it’s worth trying out. 

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