As the United States prepares to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees following Russia’s invasion of their country, existing communities in cities, including Sacramento and Seattle, are mobilizing to provide food, shelter and support to those fleeing the war.

The federal government hasn’t said when the formal resettlement process will begin, but Ukrainian groups in the U.S. are already providing support to people entering the country through other channels, including flying to Mexico and crossing the border and those on visas that will eventually expire.

Since the war began in late February, over 4 million people are estimated to have fled Ukraine and millions more have been displaced within the country. President Joe Biden said last week that the U.S. would admit up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and provide $1 billion in humanitarian assistance to countries affected by the exodus.

Below are some organizations to help aid Ukraine during the crisis that local communities have been donating to:

This organization is accepting donations to help reach about 4 million Ukrainians in desperate need of emergency kits that include hygiene kits, food, water and more.

This nonprofit is seeking donations to help rescue children and families in Ukraine.

This charity is helping raise money to provide Ukrainian children with access to safe water, food and medical care.

Operation USA is assisting Ukrainian refugees in nearby countries with cash grants.

Direct Relief works with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to provide requested medical aid and give long-term assistance to refugees.

This charitable organization is accepting donations to provide medical aid to Ukraine.

Lifesong for Orphans donations go toward relief funds for food, supplies, housing and transportation for Ukrainian families and refugees. 

This nonprofit is using its donations to help give medicine, medical supplies and emergency funding to Ukraine.

This global nongovernmental organization helps provide medical care, food and emergency support to Ukrainian families.

Alight accepts donations to provide clothes, medical supplies and emergency funding for Ukrainian families.

World Vision works to evacuate Ukrainian women and children and provide psychological care to displaced people.

Heart to Heart is a global humanitarian organization helping ship medical aid, send hygiene kits and provide transportation to Ukrainians crossing borders. 

This charity is collecting donations to help Ukrainians with disabilities, injuries and the elderly escape the war in Ukraine.

This nonprofit organization used its funds to help support orphans and foster children that are still in Ukraine.