LOS ANGELES — Fashion designer Harvey Justice makes every robe with love, and it is love that motivates him.

While celebrities have purchased his expensive fur robes, Justice chose a distinct lifestyle: to live out of his van, and give away his luxury goods to those who need the warmth the most, the homeless community in Los Angeles.

“It’s important to give based on what people’s potential could be, and not just looking at everybody for what they have now. A lot of us, especially during the pandemic, are one paycheck away, one stimulus check away, from being right out there with them. So if you can, give,” Justice said.

Giving is second nature to the designer, an artist whom you will often see wearing his own cozy robe creations. As winter weather brings long and cold nights for Echo Park’s growing homeless population, a gift like Justice’s robes can be life changing. 


“I wanted to create something better, have it be sustainable, available from America, made in America, giving minorities jobs, and also creating something for the youth to stay comfy,” he explained.

While influencers are keeping comfy in his pricey robes, Justice, who knows the challenges of living without a traditional home, is making sure to share the wealth.

“I feel like I just have what I need, and I need what I have. I do not look so much at the material things [as] I look at the experience. And the experience of living in a van has been priceless.”

After a long day’s work of designing and providing, Justice cozies up in his van, usually parked somewhere on the west side, to prepare for more creativity to come.