LOS ANGELES — T’was right before Christmas and all through the land children and grownups needed a plan.
Last year they cheered with Santa in tow. But this year the virus got everyone low.

“2020 is definitely a year that we all want to forget, but we’ll definitely remember,” Carlos Domingo, who came to Westfield Mall with his daughter Audrina, said.
Domingo wasn’t worried at all. He discovered a secret right here at the mall. 
He passed all the shops and searched every inch. He didn’t see Santa. But he did find the Grinch.
Around the corner from where people eat sat the Grinch in his grotto ready to greet.
“My daughter has been watching a lot of the Grinch movies this year. When this opportunity came up we decided to check it out,” Domingo said.
His daughter Audrina, who is sweeter than sweet, was a little afraid of which Grinch she would meet.
The one with the heart two sizes too small? Or the one with the smile who gave presents to all?
As they got closer and closer, it became crystal clear. This was the Grinch who brought holiday cheer.
She wasn’t afraid as she reached out her hand. It turns out this holiday would be just as grand.
With a snap and flash the photo was here. Mission accomplished! Without a single tear!

Now the Domingos have their holiday pic, co- starring the Grinch instead of St. Nick.
Although 2020 was far from a dream, a visit with Grinch made it a little less mean.
And just like in Whoville, some would say, it was the Grinch’s big heart that helped save the day.
The Grinch’s Grotto will be running through December 31. Tickets start at $50 per family.