SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — "Maybe you should get a job."

That's what 20-year-old Dominique Surabian's parents told her when COVID-19 chased her back home from college. So the straight-A finance major from San Diego State put her classwork to good use.

She started a business called "Let's Get Flocking!" where people hire her to plant pink plastic flamingos all over neighbor's or family member's lawns. Surabian literally leases her birds by the dozen.

She and her business partner — who also happens to be her mother — sneak out in the early morning to "flock" unsuspecting people's property. It's quite a sight, especially for those people who open their front door to be greeted by a pink spectacle. The arrangement celebrates an occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. Surabian designs all of the signage as well.

And she is well aware of the obvious play on the infamous four-letter word that sounds like "flock." Call it clever marketing — because business is booming.

Surabian hopes to be a CEO someday.