HANCOCK PARK, Calif. – Jazz singer, Chloe Perrier knows we can’t enjoy live shows right now, so she’s providing concerts twice a week for her neighbors in Hancock Park. 

“First it was a suggestion of my boyfriend because I depressed I can’t perform. He said ‘Why don’t you perform for the neighbors?’ I was like good idea because nobody can go nowhere,” Perrier said.


What You Need To Know

  • Jazz singer from France has been performing concerts for her neighbors

  • Audiences remain socially distant while enjoying the show

  • Performances also therapeutic for the singer -- who misses performing

  • She look forward to returning to the stage when pandemic ends


Perrier is from France and has been living in Los Angeles for less than two years. 

The performance on her lawn is a service to her hyper-local community, but she also streams the shows live on Instagram. She entertains others, but it also serves as kind of therapy for her. 

“I will get crazy if I don’t perform so I needed it. I do it for me as well,” Perrier explained.




It’s become a big deal. Neighbors of all ages come out to watch with everyone keeping their social distance. They take in the sounds of jazz, often enjoying wine and snacks. People even bring their pets out to enjoy the show.

“I’m super happy. I look forward to it every Wednesday evening and sometimes Saturday mornings when I can get here. I love it. She’s fantastic,” said neighbor Carolyn White.

While serenading the people next door is great, Perrier can’t to wait to leave the grass and return to the stage.

“The day I can perform with musicians behind me and not tracks, in front of a big audience on stage, I will be super happy. I miss it so badly,” she said.

But for now, it’s just Perrier, her boyfriend, family and an audience filled with neighbors.