LOS ANGELES — It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays at Grand Park and the Music Center. The annual lighting of the tree in the Music Center plaza ushered in the second year of the Winter Glow event in DTLA.

This is the second year of the event and fourteen large-scale light installations have been created by the Grand Park team and local artists, including Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, who was originally asked to create a tree topper for the Music Center tree.


Instead, his piece ended up being a standalone light sculpture, which has been placed in the newly renovated Music Center Plaza. 

“We went from the same concept [of the tree topper] and adapted it into a standing sculpture,” explained Segovia. “And the theme was the piñata!”

Segovia explained that the concept of a breakaway vessel filled with delicacies appears in many cultures, and he drew on his own Mexican roots to create this piñata for the holidays.

“I think it goes a long way in celebrating the seasons but also in cultivating a civic identity, a visual identity,” said Segovia. 

Across the street in Grand Park, two more artists, Cassandra Carrillo and Carlos G. Rodas, are working on their installation, a light sculpture that they're calling “Fascination 2.0.” This is their second year creating a piece for Winter Glow. 

“It's going to be an interactive sculpture where you could look at it and, and experience something different from each angle that you go around,” said Carrillo. “It'll be changing constantly and hopefully it opens up the mind. We’re honestly learning a lot of new techniques on how to do different installations and sculptures. It's even mind-opening for us to see what you can do with sculptures, all the different materials. I mean, it goes on and on and on.”

The Grand Park team is also adding some technical wizardry of large-scale projections and site lighting, but if you're looking for Santa and reindeer, you won't find them here. The concept was to expand on the idea of what holiday light display can be, so the artists let their imaginations go.

“There's a sense of fulfillment that comes,” said Segovia. “Little kids can participate. Adults can participate. But everybody has an entry point and that I think is really great.”

Food trucks will be available on the weekends for visitors who work up an appetite after their stroll. The displays themselves will be open, rain or shine, from sunset to 10pm every day until the 25th.