Going back to school can be traumatic for most of us. Remember when you did?

With COVID now on top of the usual anxieties it certainly adds another layer of stress. So what can you do to help them?

Here are five things to know

  1. According to doctors, therapists and organizations, like the National Association for School Psychologists, there are quite a few things we can do as adults to help kids who are stressed about being back at school.
  2. Teach them some strategies like slow deep breathing as a way to calm their nervous system so they can see they have control over their reactions. Try to keep an eye on how much social media and television they are watching. Guide them away from misinformation about COVID and maybe just do something more fun instead — preferably outdoors.
  3. It is surprising how much our kids pick up from us. According to psychologists, the best way to help them feel secure is to be a role model. How you react to COVID means that is how kids will react, too. Professionals also advise keeping a daily routine because it is predictable and will keep your child calm. Work on projects that help others too, to show that you can take action instead of hiding away from life’s problems.
  4. According to psychologists, just staying calm and positive in front of kids and listening closely if they have negative feelings about COVID at school will really help. That includes getting them to talk about the best reasons for going to school in the first place, like seeing their friends, playing games and sports. Being in after-school activities can also help as well. Also, make the point that schools are really working hard to make sure they stay COVID free and safe.
  5. Most importantly, help them build up their immune systems with plenty of sleep, exercise and good, healthy food.

Ultimately, if you are a parent, you know your child better than anyone so if you think somethings up then it very well may be, and if necessary seek professional help and advice because, let’s face it, we’re all only human.