COMMERCE, Calif. – We all know too well what it's like to go to the store and not find any toilet paper or other essential items, and for manufacturers, they are feeling the pressure with supply and demand.

The CEO behind the eco-friendly manufacturer NatureZway is dealing with business demands in a COVID-19 world while trying to make a difference by helping those in need. In this COVID-19 pandemic toilet paper can seem like gold.


Although he has got the goods seeing the demand up close at his distribution center in Commerce, NatureZway CEO Sean Solouki almost can't believe it himself.

"We had last week I think about 300-350 trucks go out of all toilet paper," said Solouki.

NatureZway is a manufacturing business of eco-friendly goods like bath tissue and paper towels. But in the three years his company has been in business he has never seen the shelves in his 165,000-square-foot building so bare.

"This is just one segment. The other parts of our building are fully empty. This is the only one that has product in it," said Solouki.

Solouki started NatureZway so he could make a big impact on the environment with compostable and bio-degradable products- saving trees by using bamboo. But now his hope is to make a greater impact helping those in need through the trend of panic buying.

When his accounts called asking for additional toilet paper for their elderly customers he jumped at the opportunity to help.

"As soon as my sales manager told me I immediately reallocated some products from another account and gave it to them and they were very thankful. We care, we care about the community, our community and everybody else's," said Solouki.

But all communities have been threatened by the irrational fears that has brought the toilet paper supply to nearly zero. What could have stoked more fear was the Procter & Gamble plant in Oxnard catching fire early Monday morning.

The plant produces Charmin toilet paper, but have no fear, Charmin was spared!

According to their rep they say:

"Importantly, everyone is safe, and no injuries occurred. This is a large manufacturing plant, and therefore, we are still producing and shipping Charmin and Bounty product. No product was impacted."

Back at Solouki’s office in Century City, although demand remains high and supply remains extremely low, he says be patient because an overstock is on the horizon.

"Within the next month I think it's going to be oversaturated, you're going to get a lot of products coming in, because everyone is manufacturing it now," said Solouki.

But for a CEO whose business is booming he couldn't care less about the bottom line. He is keeping his prices the same and is saddened at the price gouging that is happening in the market.

"I've always believed that you want to take care of people and do the right thing. So why would I want to take advantage during a disadvantage to others?" said Solouki.

Doing things his way, the NatureZway, helping the people and the planet one roll of bath tissue at a time.

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