SOUTH LOS ANGELES –  Cary Jordan, Jr. is co-owner of Jordan’s Hot Dogs on Crenshaw Boulevard. He’s packing a table full of meals for seniors in South Los Angeles. It’s all a part of the emergency senior meal program sponsored by Los Angeles City Councilman Marqueece Harris–Dawson.

“My aunt’s over the catering division and she’s had visions of having a Meals on Wheels program for seniors,” Jordan said. “So, this actually timely and a perfect opportunity for us to a do a pilot program for what we’re trying to do in the future.”


Not only is his restaurant doing its part to feed the elderly, but it’s also is getting help from the city during this difficult time. In the program food establishments like Jordan’s are financially contracted with the city so they can provide those meals




“So, the program has helped us keep the lights on, helped us to pay the rent obviously, but more importantly it’s helped with branding,” Jordan explained.

“It helps us let the people know in our community, that we’re open right now.”

After all the food is packed, it’s time for drop off. Jordan’s family’s restaurant is just one of 14 participating food providers for very receptive senior living facilities.

“They’ve been super excited, very appreciative, actually looking forward to coming to the restaurant once this is all said and done,” added Jordan.

When it’s all said and done, they want their family business to flourish again like it has for over 50 years. Though right now they are serving the community in a way they never have before.