We catch up with "Fluffy" or comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who talks to us about his third Netflix series and how this pandemic forced him to take better care of himself. 

5 things you need to know:

  1. His Netflix series Mr. Iglesias is about a good-natured high school teacher who works at his alma mater with gifted but misfit and disinterested students. In the show, his character recently quit drinking alcohol at the beginning of the show and regularly attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. His greatest loves in life are professional wrestling and his Volkswagen Bus aside from his friends and students. 
  2. Mostly known for his successful stand-up comedy career, he revealed in 2014 he had Type 2 diabetes, weighing close to 450 pounds. The pandemic forced him to start taking care of his health. Iglesias often referred to his weight in his comedy, saying, "Oh, I'm not fat, I'm fluffy," elaborating that there were five levels of fatness, "Big," "Healthy," "Husky," "Fluffy," and "DAMN!!!" He later added a sixth level, "Oh Hell No!"
  3. Iglesias' comedy influences include Paul Rodriguez, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Bill Cosby. He is known for his relatively clean comedy and avoids potentially controversial or divisive topics such as politics or religion to reach the largest possible audience
  4. Iglesias was a contestant on the fourth season of the reality TV series Last Comic Standing in 2006, surviving elimination to become one of the final eight comics. He was disqualified at that point for having used a smuggled BlackBerry to communicate with family and friends, which violated the show's rules.
  5. When it comes to his health, he said, "I'm fortunate my health has improved over the last eight months instead of going the opposite —trying to improve my life instead of dwelling on what's going on. Every day I wake up, and I have puppies around me, I'm cooking for myself, I'm losing weight. Even though I'm not on tour, I'm trying to find ways to stay creative, and I'm still getting opportunities to work, so I'm in a good place."