As Melissa Etheridge has been performing on social media daily, she says fans keep bringing up one hit song of hers in particular during this time of social distancing . 

“I see a lot of Facebooks and videos of people visiting people and coming to their window and visiting them,” she said.

So, she’s bringing song to fans virtually. Something else that’s gone virtual – is her political support. 


Etheridge says she was an Elizabeth Warren supporter, and that when Warren dropped out of the presidential race, Joe Biden’s team asked her to be a part of a virtual fundraiser. 

“I wish he was a little more up-to-date on his policy on cannabis but we’re working on that. So I said yes I’d do it because he needs to be elected,” she said. 

Etheridge showed us the space she’ll be performing at during the virtual fundraiser. She says it’s important to her to speak up. 

“From the LGBT community to the cannabis community, those that are in charge of the laws make a big difference to my life personally, “ she said. 

And so on April 23, she put her music and politics together, and sang and spoke her heart out. Of all the times she’s done that, she says this is the most important. Etheridge says perhaps the isolation we’re feeling during the pandemic will open eyes to inclusivity.

“I hope people will see that we can’t isolate, we can't say 'this is us and these are our borders and no one else can come in,'' she said.

We’re all in this together right now, and Etheridge hopes it stays that way - long after we can do more than just wave through our loved one’s windows.