LOS ANGELES  – His song has become an anthem for the City of Angels, three words Angelenos sing with pride, "I Love L.A."

Randy Newman created the iconic song "I Love L.A." back in 1983. It has become synonymous with some of the city’s best moments for decades - such as Lakers and Dodgers wins.


So who else would local radio station KPCC ask to create a public service announcement to Angelenos to stay home, other than Newman, a native Angeleno himself? So he sat down where he says the magic happens. 

“I never had an idea when I wasn’t trying to have one,” he said.

And the latest idea he was trying to have was creating a song about social distancing. And so “Stay Away” was born. 




Newman is a two-time Oscar winning singer/songwriter and composer, creating Toy Story’s iconic soundtrack number,  “You’ve Got a Friend In Me.” He most recently got nominated for an Oscar for scoring the critically acclaimed film, Marriage Story.

His latest song has a simple message. 

Newman says he was happy to do what he can to spread the word we all cannot seem to hear enough of – the only way to turn Los Angeles back to the city we all love. 

“I want them to heed the message of it," he said. "If we had gone into this isolation a little sooner, I think it would’ve saved some lives."

He once used song to bring everyone together to celebrate loving L.A., now he’s hoping his sing will bring us together – by encouraging us to collectively stay home for our favorite city.