LOS ANGELES – There are some industries that aren’t just hiring, they’re flourishing during this pandemic.

Rozine Prock has been teaching online for several years. She teaches art, drawing, and graphic design.

Teaching online hasn’t been a stumbling block. In fact, Prock prefers the work-from-home lifestyle.


Prock lives in downtown Los Angeles. Her students are seven to 12 years old and they come from all over.

Her courses are offered through Outschool. It’s a marketplace for live, online classes that you can buy and take a la carte.

With traditional school on hold to stop the spread of COVID-19 demand for virtual classes is growing.

“For instance, before my classes would fill, but usually like the day of or right before class and now… my classes are booked through the end of April,” said Prock.

Outschool reports an 11-fold increase in enrollment. This means they are looking for more teachers covering all kinds of subjects.

Prock sees this as more than just a way to make ends meet.

“I think that in times of hardship and trauma, during and after, creative expression is necessary,” said Prock.

Prock teaches six days a week. By the end of each session she sees a change in her students.

“In the beginning of my classes there’s a somber mood, but thankfully a lot of my classes are very silly and so by the end of class children have lightened up. They feel looser,” said Prock.

Prock keeps her class sizes small, usually eight students is the maximum.