Journalism students at a Chino High School shut down a an anonymous cyber-bullying Instagram page.

The Quest News staff at Don Lugo High School wrote an editorial about "DLH Confessions," an Instagram page where students posted anonymous messages about fellow students.

Many of those messages negatively targeted cheerleaders, made inappropriate remarks about teachers, and were homophobic comments toward band members.

The messages made their way through the halls and to members of those groups.

“I’m part of it because I’m transgender,” said student Alex Padilla. “So that really affected me and some of the people who are in band.”

Editor-In-Chief Anthony Romero and two other editors spearheaded the effort to write the editorial.

“We saw that something was wrong and we saw that people were being picked on,” said Romero. “It was damaging because we saw in the comments that there were fights and arguments between people. And we wanted that to stop.”

Because of their work, it did stop. The students convinced Instagram to shut down the page.

Their hard work made their fellow students grateful.

“I feel like they fought for the marching band and the cheerleaders,” said Padilla.

The Quest News staff presented their achievement to the school board. The board has now requested their help to update the district’s social media policy.