Two of the fastest growing industries in Southern California - cannabis and E-Sports - are teaming up via the Stoned Gamer League.

You might think the founder of that company, Zeus Tipado, is a stoner and you'd be right. But he's also an entrepreneur. 

"We have established ourselves as the premiere platform for cannabis and competitive gameplay," Tipado said. 

The company first launched in 2014 when recreational marijuana use wasn't legal in the state of California. However, thanks to new regulations regarding marijuana use, Tipado has more freedom to expand his gaming league. 

"[We brought] organization to this entire community, which quite frankly has been there for a long time," he explained. "Once this exists, then something else is going to exist and once it is inside, firmly inside, then it's just going to open up."

In the SGL, players are required to provide proof of elevation — meaning you have to get high in order to compete. Big partners like the streaming platform, Twitch, have already signed on and now Tipado is developing an arena space in East Los Angeles. 

The arena is set to open in February, 2019. With its upcoming launch, Tipado is ready for the stoned gaming experience to become the norm in California rather than a trend that's hidden away.