LOS ANGELES — You may have “Heard em Say” quite a few things about Kanye West, an iconic, award winning rapper who recently dedicated his life to faith-based music.

A public figure that’s never afraid to display his emotions.

And that is just what artist David Weeks is evoking with his latest “N. S. E. West” sculpture.

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It is an artwork currently on display in Los Angeles at pop up museum, Sneakertopia.

“He’s had a huge impact on the black community. Whether people like to admit it because his recent acts. You can never overshadow a man who stood on a telethon and said that the president does not care about black people. During a telethon. Because a lot of people wouldn’t be willing to risk it all like that,” Weeks said.

Weeks used electroplated alloy to create his sculpture, which stands at five-feet-tall.

He says West’s courage in being transparent with his many emotions and phases of life is something to be recognized, and something that many people could identify with.

“You’ve seen him at his lowest point, snatching microphones from Taylor Swift, you’ve seen him at his highest point, praying to God and bringing ten thousand people together at Coachella and having an amazing Sunday service. So it’s like this guy really is like the forefront of emotion. So why not use him? He’s an excellent muse,” he said.

Weeks explored the pop-up museum with one of its creators, Steve Harris. Sneakertopia celebrates sneaker culture and street art.

Weeks says he is  honored to have his sculpture at the epicenter of the Sneakertopia experience, especially as he highlights African American icons throughout Black History Month and beyond.

“Having this in Sneakertopia is amazing. Because, one, have you seen this place? It’s super sick!" Weeks said. "This is like a playground that came out of my head. All these dope artists. Everyone’s here. And I get to have mine in the center. That means a lot to me.”

The opportunity has given him a full range of emotion, much like his sculpture; north, south, east, and west.